Our Soul Squad are the
secret to our success.

They are passionate, playful and experts in their field. Best of all, they are 100% committed to creating magical moments for you, our Soulmates.

Our squad has years of collective experience in the fitness industry, so are the perfect experts to inspire you on your quest to be happier and healthier.


Our Soul Squad are
simply the best!

Every single one of our Squad is dedicated to making your visit to

Soulhub, the best part of your day, every day, through living our Soul Spirit.

Being playful

Be fun, have fun,
create fun

Being energetic

Good vibes only

Being kind

Show you care, itโ€™s
our default

Being a Cheerleader

Elevate others

Our Soulhubs

Our high tech, luxe fit out, combined with the vast array of fitness & wellbeing experiences will entice you into Soulhub, thatโ€™s for sure. But itโ€™s the passion and quality of our Soul Squad, the magical moments they create and the amazingness of our Soulmates, that will keep you coming back.