Seven reasons you’ll obsess over our Infrared Sauna – Soul Sweat Sessions!

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Seven reasons you’ll obsess over our Infrared Sauna – Soul Sweat Sessions!

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OK, we now know why Pilates is the bom! Did you know that it is the fastest-growing exercise genre in Australia and New Zealand, experiencing 250% growth in the 12 months to September 2022! Amazing 🀩 

Now let’s step into the world of infrared saunas and unlock a treasure trove of benefits!

Here’s a playful peek at #7 key reasons you’ll obsess over our Soul Sweat Sessions:

  1. Soothing superhero Infrared heat dives deep, vanquishing muscle pain and aiding recovery. Kiss soreness goodbye and let those muscles bounce back.
  2. Skin sizzler Get that radiant glow with a side of relaxation! Infrared saunas amp up blood flow, boost collagen, and make wrinkles take a hike. Say hi to smoother, more youthful-looking skin!
  3. Calorie-burning buddy Give your metabolism a spicy kick! Infrared saunas rev up your heart rate, melt calories, and give your weight loss efforts a friendly boost.
  4. Immunity warrior Level up your defences. Infrared saunas create a fever-like state, activating your body’s natural armour, ready to fight off illness and feel invincible!
  5. Detox divaFlush out those toxins and feel fantastic! Sweating it out in an infrared sauna helps purify your body, bidding adios to unwanted chemicals and pollutants.
  6. Happy HeartBoost your heart health with infrared goodness! The heat gets your blood pumping, circulating and keeping your ticker in tip-top shape.
  7. Blissful oasis Find your zen sanctuary and melt away stress! Infrared saunas create a cozy cocoon of relaxation, soothing your muscles, calming your mind, and leaving you floating on a cloud of tranquillity.

Step inside and enjoy a Soul Sweat Session at Soulhub and unlock a world of well-being wonders.